Nacho counters that he is not a criminal.

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Nacho Fernandez the Real Madrid captain insists he is not a ‘killer’ or ‘criminal’ as many people claim. Fernandez the 33-year-old Real Madrid defender insists he is not a criminal or a killer as described by Spanish sports media. And Girona fans following his ugly foul on Cristian Portogues Porto was banned for three games. According to a report from Relebo on Wednesday. 

The Whites defender is facing a difficult time after his unnecessary foul on Porto in stoppage time in Saturday’s 3-0 win over Girona. Which led to him being attacked by rival fans.UFABET By calling him a ‘killer’, while many media outlets use words like ‘criminal’ Nacho insists he is neither. 

‘I don’t consider myself a criminal or a killer. But I consider myself a great professional. The only person I have to apologize to is Porto and now I’m calmer.’

‘The punishment that came out We have games that trump all of this. We don’t have time to talk about it. But it was a difficult day for me. Everything about this club is bigger than you think. I value the fact that I can talk to Porto and he is fine.’

Nacho will miss three games against Osasuna, Sevilla and the ‘El Clasico’ match against Barcelona on October 28. 

‘It makes me angry. The first person to regret it was me.’ Nacho said. ‘I had to follow the punishment. I don’t know if the club will appeal or not. But not taking part in three games will not bring down Real Madrid.’