Neville mocks Jurgen Klopp for falling off his horse at the end.

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Gary Neville has mocked Jurgen Klopp for speaking out about a rematch between Liverpool and Spurs following a serious VAR error.

The Reds left Tottenham Hotspur Stadium on Saturday. With the first defeat of the season along with the feeling of not being very fair.

Anfield local club And most fans were angry at the confusion over VAR’s duties. Which resulted in Luis Diaz’s legitimate goal being ruled offside  UFABET 

When ask ahead of the Reds’ Europa League clash with Saint-Chillois. Jurgen Klopp said he felt the game, which end 2-1 for Spurs, should be replay.

Neville, who is a Sky Sports guru and former Manchester United defender uses X. Or the original Twitter handle. For criticizing Liverpool’s handling of the situation.

“I can’t believe that Liverpool would lose in a situation where victory was in their hands. (Expressive media expression) They screw up at the end!”

The Reds demand an official recording on Monday. And their request was granted on Tuesday, with PGMOL releasing the audio tapes to the public on Tuesday night. This shows that the referee team immediately realized their big mistake. But still refuse to stop the game.

The game is over but the people are not finished yet when Jurgen Klopp, the “Reds” coach. said in the middle of an interview before tonight’s Europa League game. That his team deserve another replay against Tottenham Hotspur after losing because of a mistake from the referee’s work.