Southgate admits he hard time removing two Manchester United

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Southgate admits he had a hard time removing two Manchester United and Liverpool players from the England squad.

Dareth Southgate has just announced his 33-man England squad. And there will be 7 people eliminated to leave the final 26 people who will go to Germany to compete in Euro 2024.

Gareth Southgate, manager of the England national team ยูฟ่าเบท admits that not calling two famous players like Manchester United striker Marcus Rashford and former Liverpool midfielder Jordan Henderson to the national team in the 33-man squad was a very difficult decision. A lot

“Yes, definitely because of the number of big games they play.

And the performance that has shown, in your mind, of course, you want to bring all the players. Who have been with you for a long time into the team.”

“But ever since I took over the team management job I had to make difficult decisions and you have to continue to develop the team.”

“And when there are players in that position who play better. And maybe have a better season than those same players and that’s a decision you have to make,” Southgate said.

The Three Lions’ manager plans to have all 33 players practice. Play warm-up games at the same time before being cut down to 26 players on June 7.