Stefan Ortega has just one year his contract with Manchester City.

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Stefan Ortega has just one year left on his contract with Manchester City.

The two sides are yet to reach an agreement on a new contract. If an agreement cannot be reached in the next few weeks, Players may look for a new team this summer.

Florian Plettenberg revealed that Stefan Ortega’s new contract with Manchester City still has no progress.

The 31-year-old German goalkeeper has ทางเข้า ufabet a contract remaining at the Etihad Stadium until June 30, 2025, but negotiations over a new contract extension until 2026 have stalled significantly.

The two sides are still unable to reach an agreement. Especially regarding player wages, while Ortega has made it clear that he wants to become the team’s No. 1 in the future, whether at Manchester City or another club.

If in the next few weeks With both the player and the agency unable to reach an agreement, Ortega may look for a new team this summer.

For Stefan Ortega, he had an important role in leading Manchester City to win the Premier League title in the 2023/24 season, especially the moment he saved Son Heung-min’s solo shot in the league game that went to win over Tenham Hotspur 2-0 in mid-May.

After a couple of years at the Etihad Stadium, the German goalkeeper is considering a move away from the club at the end of the season. He has given family reasons as well as a desire to play regular football as his motivation.